About Us

Grey n Pink Records has been established in Brook Street - Chester's most diverse shopping street - for over 30 years.

Our knowledgeable and helpful team will help you find exactly what you are looking for...

Mike opened Grey n Pink Records in 1985, naming the shop after prog rock band Caravan’s 1971 album ‘In the Land of Grey and Pink’. His main musical interests include: prog rock, psych, blues, jazz fusion and rock.

Paul has worked in Grey n Pink Records since 1987. A fan of the limited edition coloured vinyl, his main musical interests include 1960′s garage / psych, 1970s prog, late 1980s – present indie and alternative rock.

Neil has worked at Grey n Pink Records since 1988. A fan of the 7" single, his main musical interests include: merseybeat, sunshine pop, psych, garage, country, bluegrass and americana.